Two food service aid personnel arrested on suspicion of stealing groceries meant for patients at Letaba hospital

Africa: Two officials working as Food Service Aides at Letaba Hospital have been arrested and charged with theft.

This after they were found in possession of packs of groceries they allegedly stole from the hospital grocery storehouse. The two personnel were arrested this morning while leaving the hospital after knocking off from the night shift.


It was then that the security personnel at the gate searched the car that the officials were travelling in and found packs of groceries stashed in the boot.

Police were immediately called and arrested the two officials.

The MEC congratulated the security officers for a job well done.

“Our department is operating from a shoestring budget as it is, we can’t afford to have leakages of resources caused by unethical and I will discipline personnel. We, therefore, want to commend the security personnel for doing their work without fear or favour,” said MEC.

The MEC says unethical conduct such as theft, fraud or corruption must be met with rage and concomitant action whenever they appear.

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