Uganda commemorates Martyr’s day

Africa: Today is Uganda Martyr’s day, A public holiday in Uganda to remember and honour the 45 catholic martyrs who were killed for preaching Christianity and for attempting to help the British colonised Uganda.

But many Criticize this day as it reminds Africa of its colonial past and the harm that the white man’s Christianity brought upon Uganda and the continent; some believe that this day should not be observed.


The Uganda martyrs were persecuted because of the influence of the foreign religious teachings that made the pages disobedient to the traditional religion, such as stopping worshipping, sacrificing and offering in the shrines, a factor that made Kabaka (king) Mwanga annoyed, forcing him to order for their death.

Some historical facts suggest that Kabaka Mwanga didn’t order the killing of the martyrs, but rather, the British ordered for the 45 martyrs to be killed.

Every year, Catholics from around the continent come together to observe this day and honour the martyrs who they believe sacrificed their lives for Christianity in Uganda.

‘Kareem Dario Kema’, one of the NRM users, wished Martyr day to all the public with a picture.

Musiri David tweeted and said, “Happy Martyr day; Martyr don’t die; they continue to live in our hearts as inspiration”. 


The final blessing is also delivered on a now sweltering Friday mid-afternoon before the choir leads the recessional hymn as the Martyr Day mass ends at Namugongo. 

It has been a prayerful day at both the Catholic and Anglican sites. 

According to Dianah Alitwala, Martyrs were young Christians who drew courage from Christ’s suffering and died for their faith; we concede with them.