Ugandan President wishes International Labour day

The world celebrates International labour day on May 1, which is also known as International Worker’s Day. The day is marked to raise public awareness about workers’ rights as well as to recognize their accomplishments. 

However, the trade National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (NUMSA) believes that South Africa has no reason to celebrate workers’ day and added that the working class and the poor class of the country have no reason to reach a breaking point. 


President of the Republic of Uganda tweeted, “I officiated at the International Labor Day National Celebrations this afternoon at Kololo Ceremonial Grounds. A certain wise person named a child Otafiire, meaning that you will see good things if you do not die. I have seen a good thing today at this event.”

Furthermore, he stated that the theme of the International Labor Day chosen by the organizers to mitigate the impact of COVID-19: was improving the productive employment for improved livelihoods through the Parish Development Model, He felt satisfied, and he also thanked God that the people of Uganda are waking up now. 

The country has had differences with the elite, the people who should be leading others. They do not know how to get people out of poverty. They think it is in order for a few people to be rich while others remain backward. If everyone is sensitized, they can wake up and know what to do.

The ministry also stated that they had started now; they even taught the four sectors which are going to produce money; Commercial Agriculture with Ekibalo, ICT, Services and Industry. If the administration is going to take the message as well as going to act on it, they should create wealth.

When the person or owner of the property dies, the children start dividing what is left of the property. In Europe, people like Henry Ford died long ago, but the wealth he left is bigger now. Africans are like ants. They eat even the little the deceased left behind.

In the Agriculture sector, whatever land is left in Africa government needs to create over 50million jobs. Now with the Parish Development Model, they can kickstart this. They need a workforce of very many workers.


Because no government had ever given people money in order to get out of poverty before our time; moreover, Getting come out of poverty was everyone’s private business then, the government’s duty was just to provide peace. If they wanted coffee or cotton, they would come and coerce you to produce it.

The government of Uganda has been giving money since the time of Entandikwa, Prosperity for all, NAADs, now we have Myooga, Parish Development Model, Operation Wealth Creation etc. Why? Because they want everyone to get involved in working for pocket and stomach for social-economic transformation.

Numsa said although the sacrifices made by many during the liberation movement, the black working class in this country continued to struggle.