Museveni releases stricter guidelines on land evictions

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni’ has issued new guidelines for Ugandans in which they made strict rules for the properties, and as per new guidelines, they banned all land evictions all over the country that are carried out without the permission of the respect9ive District Security Committees (DSC).

Last month on February 28, 2022, a letter to the Prime Minister, ‘Robinah Nabbanja’ Museveni, used his powers under Article 98 (1) and 99 (1) of the Constitution that urges him to ensure good governance and protect the Constitution to stop any evictions that the DSCs do not give the green light.

According to the directions of Museveni, no eviction should be allowed to take place in a district without taking permission and direct observation of the District Security Committee (DSC)
“No expulsion should be permitted to take place in a district without the permission and direct observance of the District Security Committee (DSC), chaired by the Resident District Commissioners/Resident City Commissioners.

However, along with guidelines, the president also warned that if an illegal eviction happens, then the only responsible and questionable person would be the District Security Committee, and decisive action would be taken against him.

He, however, removed the UPDF representatives who he said may not be in the know of the substance of the issues involved.

In the same talks, the president requested the Chief Justice to succeed upon the Justices and Magistrates who “disobey the Constitution by illegally expelling people in collaboration with land grabbers”.

The president further directed the Minister of Lands to inform the Attorney General about such abuses by judicial officers to take legal action against them.

Some eight years back, in 2013, Museveni stated that the government had banned further land evictions and ordered the repossession of land by those who were evicted.

Despite the actions, a number of illegal evictions have happened under the watch of police which is in most cases used to implement the exiles.

Lands ministers, including Judith Nabakooba and state minister Sam Mayanja, have attempted to address the issue of land evictions since their appointment, but because the problem is widespread, only the tip of the iceberg has been touched.

Minister Sam Mayanja has recently been touring the country, urging potential victims to stand up to land grabs.