Uganda to restart its nightlife after the two year’s shutdown

Uganda government decided to end their COVID Curfew and allow bars and nightspots to reopen. Excited partygoers celebrated the end of one of the world’s most extensive shutdowns.

A celebrant who always treats herself as Peace said she has been drinking every night during the closedown.


The nighttime Curfew was last imposed in March 2020 in order to limit the spread of coronavirus, which has led to about 3,500 deaths in the country.

Every night, every type of business have to be closed at 7 pm, and after that, no cars and any other vehicle are allowed on the streets of Uganda.

According to Peace, during the lockdown, she launched into bars owned by government employees running secretly, but they are charging very high prices, even on beers.

She added that she is delighted now and can go to her favourite local bar and can drink her favourite drink.

“But I am glad that they are open now, “Peace said. “I can manage to go out. I can freely move to boda. Or I can drive anywhere in the city. Like her, I spend ten thousand on three beers. So, if I move out with fifty thousand, I can enjoy and spend the whole night freely.”

However, the government lifted the Curfew on January 23 (Monday), but some restrictions remain unchanged. Anyone who walks into a bar or any restaurant must wear a mask and carry their COVID-19 vaccination certificate.


According to the Uganda Police spokesperson “Fred Enanga” warned the police to stick to the health and safety protocols if they do not want to return to Curfew.

“Therefore, it is essential that all owners and managers in nightlife and night economy carefully manage the reopening of their businesses in the best possible way,”

“Where possible, they can have ventilation systems in all places, and Sanitation stations is necessary to have throughout the venues.”

One of the High Five bar managers in Kampala is hoping to recover soon from the losses they had during the lockdown in the last two years.

However, on Monday, businesses were faced disappointment as they did not get many customers as they wished.

The real challenge we think is to follow the protocols and ensure their customers’ safety.

It’s been two years since the bars have been shut, and it is difficult to demand a COVID certificate from each of their customers and provide them sanitisers and be the watchdog to see whether they are using it or not.

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