US Africa representatives to visit Ethiopia & Sudan next week

United States Africa representatives will visit Ethiopia and Sudan to solve the crisis which was going on in Sudan from October 25. David Satterfield and Assistant Secretary Molly Phee will visit Sudan next week.

The officials of America will give their appearance in Saudi Arabia too.


According to the State Department statement, came on Friday, Satterfield and Phee will visit Khartoum, where they plan to meet with Sudanese pro-democracy activists, women’s and youth groups, civil organisations and the military and the figures of politics.

The duo is planning to meet with their Sudanese friends, too, a group contacting to restore the nation’s transitional government following a military coup in October.

According to the statement, the meeting seeks to “marshal international support” for the United Nations assignment to “promote a continued civilian-led transition to democracy” in Sudan.

Massive crowds on the roads are not a big deal anymore in Sudan; from October 25, people demanded a return to civilian rule and ended the power-sharing arrangement that began in 2019.

“Their message will be clear: The US will ensure to give freedom, peace, and justice for the Sudanese people,” as per the statement.

In Ethiopia, the duo will also be planning to talk with their Prime Minister “Abiy Ahmed” in order to sort out the deepening civil war.


“They are also planning to boost their government officials morale to hold the current opening for peace by ending the airstrikes and other hostilities.”

They added that they would also ask for the installation of a truce, the clearance of political prisoners and the restoration of humanitarian access.

Satterfield, the former US ambassador to Turkey, was selected to replace Jeffrey Feltman as a special representative on January 6.

Moreover, Feltman quit just as he visited Ethiopia in order to promote the talks peacefully and to end a war that had been going there more than a year following the withdrawal of Tigrayan rebels.

However, Feltman’s resignation came after some days when Sudan’s civilian Prime Minister, Abdalla Hamdok, quit, leaving Burhan as the unanimous leader of the nation’s despite Western Calls to keep a democratic transition established in 2019.