Saudi Arabia, UAE intercepts Houthi missiles as esclation grows amid deadly airstrikes

United Arab Emirates Defence Ministry said they are ready to deal with threats and will take all the measures, which is necessary to protect the country from attack.

The UAE blocked and destroyed two ballistic missiles over Abu Dhabi fired by Yemen’s Houthi rebels, the latest massive attack in Yemen’s long-running war.


Another attack happened in Abu Dhabi on Monday after a week when another Houthi drone and missile dropped on Abu Dhabi and claimed three lives.

“Thwarted ballistic missiles fell in different areas around Abu Dhabi,” the UAE defence minister said in a statement on Monday, January 24, also added that “they are ready to deal with all hazards and prepared to take all necessary measures for the safety of the state”.

In Saudi Arabia, a Houthi ballistic missile had fallen in the southern kingdom. It injured two residents- a Bangladeshi and a Sudanese citizen- and damaged their workshops and vehicle parked in an industrial area.

As per the coalition statement, another missile was thwarted and destroyed over Dhahram al-Janub.

US Africa envoys will also visit Ethiopia & Sudan next week.

According to Houthis, they targetted mainly to Abu Dhabi Dhafra airbase `as well as “vital and important.”


As per the statement of Abu Dhabi spokesperson “Yahya Saree,” the attack had fulfiled their objectives with high accuracy. However, the UAE government did not respond to an attack on Dubai.

According to Saree, “We are ready to develop the operation during the next stage and face escalation with escalation.”

On January 24, CENTCOM (United States Command) said the US military “engaged” two missiles sought at Al Dhafra airbase, which hosts around 2000 American service members, with numerous Patriot interceptors.”

“The connected efforts successfully controlled both missiles from affecting the base. As per the CENTCOM spokesperson Bill Urban, there were no US deaths recorded in a formal statement.

However, US forces set a heightened alert posture at the time of the attack, the second attack within a week. US forces at Al Dhafra remain alert and ready to respond in case of any follow on attack.

There are increasingly high risks from the Houthis, but at the same time, we have comprehensive military campaigns in Yemen and reduce the threats of missiles to the GCC states.

According to the reports, a video shows that the sky over Abu Dhabi lit up before dawn on Monday, with points of light looking like interceptor missiles.

Due to missile fire disrupted traffic into Abu Dhabi International Airport, home to the long-haul carrier Etihad, for about an hour.

According to Prince, “We reaffirm our commitment that we will help the defence of Saudi and Emirati partners in a bid to strengthen. “This kind of missile attack on Yemen, UAE and Saudi Arabia killed many civilians, which represent a troubling escalation that only worsens the suffering of the Yemen people.”

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