UN completes first round of talks with Sudanese parties to resolve political turmoil

The United Nations (UN) mission in Sudan has completed its first round of talks with Sudanese parties in order to resolve the country’s political turmoil.

As per the reports by UNITAMS (United Nations Integrated Transitional Assistance Mission in Sudan), it is indicated that they will soon create a summary document that highlights the critical areas of the agreement between the Sudanese political sections on sensitive areas issues related to the transition to civilian government.


The process of talks, as per the ‘Volker Perthes’ leader of the UNITAMS, is “useful” because this mission will be going to allow the chance to hear a variety of viewpoints and suggestions from Sudanese people.

Perthes has been in touch via meeting with Sudanese political parties and civic forces in the country since January 10, 2022, when UNITAMS took the initiative of an intra-Sudanese political process in order to end the political crisis.

Sudan had been facing all crises since the Time when Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, Sudan transitional Sovereign Council chairman, declared a state of emergency and disbanded the Sovereign Council and government in October 25, 2021.

Since then, opponent parties have directed regular major protests in Khartoum’s capital and other places, demanding civilian government.

However, they started their talks two weeks ago, but they completed their first of talks yesterday.

According to ‘Volker Pertes‘ “We want to move forward faster because more people would suffer if it gets late.”


Furthermore, he added that it might be tricky to set a timeframe for starting deals, but Time is precious. We know that. There is a lot of pressure on the situation in Sudan and on us.

“I do hope that these talks can become something like a confidence-building step and would help to at least reduce the violence,” Perthes said.

The UN spokesperson said there has been “no objection” from the military institutions. But the starting reaction from essential civilian sections was lukewarm.

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