Vaccinated? Still masks are mandatory for all!

As per the recent records, it is clear that more than 93 million American residents are fully vaccinated against the coronavirus.  However, the specialists say that despite many other revitalizing immune systems, the inhabitants still require to put keep wearing masks in public especially. Notably, the nation is not yet completely free from Covid-19 that people can forgo face coverings. Also, at many of the hot spots cases have hiked up. Thus, this is absolutely clear that masks protect wearers and the nearby ones as well.

Lisa Maragakis, the epidemiologist of infectious disease at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine said, “Masks are one of the best interventions that we have to prevent viral transmission from one person to another.” Further, she adds that I was caught off-guard at the beginning. My own colleagues started saying, ‘I’m vaccinated, let’s roll back all of our policies.’ And it’s been very difficult to hold the line and say, ‘Wait, wait, wait, it’s not time yet.’ Significantly, the initial wave of the vaccination,  after the Food and Drug Administration authorized the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine in December, even front-line healthcare workers had such kinds of questions.

Last month, in March, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released the guidelines related to the tasks fully vaccinated people can do. However, this includes a few of the restrictions loosened. Thus, the ones who are completely vaccinated can socialize with each other. Further, it was claimed that they can ignore putting on their masks and physical distancing. But, in public, everyone should continue to wear masks, the agency said. Emergency medicine physician and professor at Brown University Megan Ranney “ Those guidelines are absolutely appropriate for this moment in time. There just aren’t enough of us who have immunity yet for it to be safe to take those masks off in public.”


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