Valiant Eagle Inc.’s (OTCMKTS: PSRU) Xavier Media Group Signs Television Agreement With American Basketball Association

Valiant Eagle Inc.’s (OTCMKTS: PSRU) wholly-owned subsidiary Xavier Media Group XMG) has announced the signing agreement with American Basketball Association. Xavier will develop and launch channels for basketball teams the ABA will refer in exchange for a referral fee payable to ABA.

XMG enters agreement with ABA
Each team will be able to stream team channels on matching websites thanks to XMG’s services, which are expected to be supplied soon. Notably, XMG will be responsible for the maintenance and management of each channel, ensuring uninterrupted streaming. Furthermore, XMG will be in charge of the ROKU channel’s management, including maintenance on channel platforms and comprehensive engineering, development, and associate relations distribution. In addition, XMG will provide introductions to corporate advertisers.


With the help of ABA, XMG will ensure that each team obtains the correct registration necessary. This is required for it to operate on national streaming platforms such as Apple TV, ROKU, Fire TV, and others. The channels will also be available on Smart TVs from Samsung and Philips. XMG now boasts a portfolio of over thirty broadcast and streaming channels, each focusing on a different specialty or micro-niche, such as sports, music, cannabis, children’s entertainment, horror, fitness, and a variety of other topics.

Valiant Eagle and XMG excited about the deal
Valiant Eagle and XMG CEO Xavier Mitchell said, “This is an awesome opportunity for both the league and the team owners. The ABA has been in need of proper media exposure for decades and now it’s here. As a result of this deal, team owners will finally be able to financially support their teams and players as they both receive exponential exposure.”

Xavier added, “The effect on our balance sheet will be fundamentally changed. Potentially earning revenue from over 200 new channels is more than significant. We expect to reach billions of people and project earning several millions a month once this initiative is in full swing.”