People blame Museveni for rising corruption in Uganda

The director of NRM for mobilization and cadre development, ‘Rosemary Sseninde’ stated that President Museveni and the ruling party should never be blamed for rising corruption levels in Uganda.

She raised several questions: “Why do you keep blaming President Museveni for corruption in the country, yet you promote it at your own homes? Why are you giving your child shs200 so that he or she can wash utensils? Isn’t that is not corruption? Many of these corruptions start from home and communities because of the poor upbringings of our children, and instead of blaming them, we always blame leaders, said Sseninde.


ON FRIDAY, the NRM director for mobilization spoke to agents in the Nakasero market in Kampala.

She noted that the opposition had started campaigns on numerous occasions to deliberately tarnish the ruling government’s image in the eyes of the public for their selfish gain, but she insisted that the government should be blamed for everything.

He said society produces leaders it nurtures.

“As the ruling government, the opposition always criticizes us for their selfish benefits. They have been continuously misleading the public to shun government programmes, which is wrong. Whether you are in NRM, FDC or NUP, participate in government programs because President Museveni’s government wants to see everyone out of poverty, opposition or NRM supporters. Poverty doesn’t segregate NRM, FDC or NUP,” Sseninde said.

“Some people also believe that they do not participate in any government programmes because it gives credit to the NRM government. That is the wrong perception. If government programmes come your way, receive them with both hands because they came to benefit you. Do not believe in opposition leaders because they will mislead you.”

She stated that it was widely assumed that the ruling NRM party had no support in Kampala markets for a long time, but her visits to various markets in the city proved otherwise.


“We were told that vendors in Kampala markets despise NRM.
However, my fact-finding mission revealed that these people do not generally despise NRM but rather lack service delivery.

I discovered that they have consistently missed out on government programmes.”

I visited many places in Kampala, but I have not faced any hate for NRM as people portray what I have found out that people are irritated because of missing out on government services. I will report back to see the people responsible rectify this.”

Sseninde explained that the NRM party leadership had previously been sitting ducks in offices, but the new administration has resolved to always be proactive by moving and investigating people’s problems.

Even since elections were done, President Museveni focused mainly on giving delivery services to people. We learned that the past NRM leadership always sat at the secretariat and didn’t go out to the population. However, as the new leadership, we resolved to go out to people and understand their concerns so we can see how they can be solved and once this is done, by the time the next elections come, we will win by 100%.”

In the end, Sseninde stated that she would visit countrywide to identify problems faced by most of the po[pulation in a bid to see how the government can solve them.