Vince Henderson opens 27th Caricom COFCOR meet after appointment as chairman

Dominica: The Minister of Foreign Affairs for the government of Dominica, Vince Henderson has been appointed as the Chairman of the Caricom COFCOR. The appointment was made during the opening ceremony of the 27th meeting of the Caricom COFCOR held in Roseau.

The opening ceremomy was hosted on Thursday, where the new Chairman of the Caricom COFCOR delivered the opening address. He was experessed his gratitude to the attendants who travelled to the capital of Dominica for opening cermony.


The attendants of the event included the Caricom Secretary-General – Dr. Carla Barnett, Assistant Secretary-General for Foreign and Community Relations – Elizabeth Solomon, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade of Jamaica – Kamina Johnson-Smith,  Foreign Minister of Caribbean Community.

Minister Henderson was honored to host the 27th meeting of the Caricom COFCOR in Roseau and welcomed all the guests warmly. Further, he also reiterated his commitment to fighting climate crisis in the country.

He highlighted that they will increase their focus on planting and growing more trees on the island. Notably, Dominica is famous ad the Nature Isle of the Caribbean, and planting new trees will enhance the natural beauty of the country.

The plantation of the trees will also work towards enhancing the greenery of the country and work to combat global warming. He discussed the affects of the  climate changes, energy and food nutrition and security.

During his address, the Minister of Foreign Affairs praised the  Secretary General of the Caricom, Carla Barnett for her leadership of the Caricom. He asserted that Barnett has led Caricom with her wisdom, dedication and activeness.

He highlighted that there is a profound unity among them that reflects the complex realities of their times. He highlighted that it is extremely important  as the COFCOR undertakes its work and provides policy guidance in advance, considering the shared vision and development goals.


The CARICOM is working on increasing collaboration between the emerging partners such as those in the Middle East, Qatar. The efforts of the team suggest that the organization is dedicated to bringing in the opportunities of the country.

Minister Vince Henderson highlighted that they have extended an invitation to Qatar for the council engagement of multilateral cooperation and support of shared priority.

He promised that they will take all their guests to visit the  the site of their transformational Geothermal Powerplant Project, after the ceremony. He informed the assembled guests that the geothermal powerplant has been in the making for the last two decades.

Minister Vince Henderson also highlighted the significance of the Geothermal Powerplant in the realization of the country’s goal to fight the climate crisis.

He highlighted that they will address several critical issues to build a more resilient and thriving community for all. These discussions will be held in the next two days of the delegation’s trip

He reiterated that he was honored to welcome the delegates for the 27th meeting of the Caricom COFCOR held in Roseau. Their presence signifies a strong commitment towards strengthening the community ties and collaboration. Additionally, he also gave his guests a precap of the events and discussions that will be held during this event.