New Mini Hospital to be constructed in Mongu District

Zambia: The Western Province Minister Kapelwa Mbangweta has officially opened the Nalikwanda Mini-Hospital in Mongu District. The hospital is being constructed at a total cost of K1.6 million and is one of the Central Government projects.

The Western Province Minister Mbangweta highlighted that in just two and  half years, the new dawn administration has put up a hospital. They have also constructed a road within a short period of time in the district.


He highlighted the development avenues that the provincial government has been taking in for the benefit of the people. The province has seen significant development in the field of infrastructure in the country.

The administration has been bringing healthcare facilities to the areas which previously did not have access to these facilities.

He highlighted that “Last week, we were in Liuwa opening a similar facility and it was the first mini hospital for the people in that area. Before, we had governments and the people were paying tax which should have been used to develop these places but the taxes were not used to develop these areas,” he said.

According to the reports of the media Minister Mbangweta urged the community members in the area to look after the employees that have been posted to work in the facility.

He also implored the health personnel to work according to their professional ethics so that they deliver the services required.

Meanwhile, Mongu Mayor Nyambe Muyumbana disclosed that the construction of the mini hospital, water reticulation system and the on-site training of staff all together costs a total of 1.6 million US dollars.


Mr Muyumbana said this development is a reflection of the government’s commitment to improve the health care system in the country.

Mr Muyumbana urged members of staff to work hard and provide the much needed services to the people.

And Mongu District Commissioner Morgan Akabeswa said Nalikwanda constituency has recorded a lot of maternal deaths due to lack of health facilities.