Walusimbi asks artists to publicize achievements of NRM through music

The senior advisor of the Diaspora Affairs Amb, Abbey Walusimbi, who is also a chairman of NRM Diaspora league, has stated to young artists to stay committed to the ruling NRM and keep spreading awareness about the party’s various achievements through music.

While holding a meeting with the young artists, Walusimbi made the call under their umbrella body ‘Active Musical network’ at the NRM party headquarters in Kampala.


At the same time, Walusimbi addressed the group and challenged them to keep committed to their party and continue to sell themselves with a good image through publicizing the various achievements that have been carried since the party came in power.

According to Walusimbi’s statement, as a young artist, it is your responsibility to sell the good image of the party through your music, which means “composing songs” that publicize its massive achievements.”

“A lot has been achieved, but a little bit is revealed. I call upon you to be our ambassadors by providing the public with true information since you have a big stage.”

Later on, he thanked the group chairperson, ‘Daisy Namayanja’, to ensure that the musicians in the association remained committed and focused.


Amb. Walusimbi pledged to support them to shoot a video of a song for President Museveni known as “Kigaalo” and pledged to continue funding their activities.

He further stated that, as a youth, you are the ambassadors in the different communities because your music is the party’s voice. Since NRM is the party in government, you should utilize each and every opportunity, and at the same time, you should ensure that your music attracts more youth to the party.

Walusimbi stated that I promise to ensure you guys that this would be beneficial for you too, like Emyooga and the recent launch Parish Development Model. That would boost your income and attract thunderous applause from the excited young artists.

Walusimbi also applauded the NRM Secretary-General Richard Todwong for initiating the NRM ideological clinics, which he said is a great start-up that will change Ugandans’ mindset and open new chapters for the young people.

“I want to thank the NRM Secretary-General for launching the ideological clinics that happen every Thursday. These have proved to be the change-makers in our community by educating Ugandans and youth about their nation-building role. I request you always to follow these sessions so that you can gain more knowledge and a deep understanding of how the party operates.”

He also ensured that the top NRM leaders would keep in touch with them and give their best in order to support them and their music and talent identification.

On behalf of the artists, ‘Namayanja Daisy’ thanked Amb Walusimbi and the other party officials for hosting them and giving them hope.

She pledged that they would continue selling the good image of the party through composing educative songs.

Over 50 young musicians attended the meeting.

Irene Kröger, an actress and recording artist from Germany, thanked the youth for their patience and commitment towards their party.

She promised to continue mobilizing and encouraging more youth to operate the field of music to advocate all achievements of the government.

“We are going to work together to ensure that talents of the youth are tapped into since music is a full-time employment,” she said.