Read Here: Why Bwindi Impenetrable Forest be chosen as gorilla trekking?

The national park of Uganda is named ‘Bwindi impenetrable’. The park’s main focus is on leading the gorilla trekking destination. However, many people think that gorilla trekking in Bwindi is very simple and visit Bwindi impenetrable forest; the story is relatively different. The park is split into four gorilla trekking sectors.

Three things are necessary to consider when you decide to do a trekking sector in Bwindi impenetrable forest national park; your itinerary, your accommodation budget, and the gorilla trekking experience.

Uganda Self Drive Safari Itinerary:

There are not single safaris itineraries out there. There are a number of itineraries, from the short ones like the three days Gorilla Safari in Bwindi Forest to long ones that included single gorilla trek, then double gorilla treks, or even they have availability of triple gorilla trek. It does not matter whether you choose a single trek or double or whatever, but the only thing that matters in this trek is your itinerary because that will play in choosing your gorilla trekking sector in Bwindi.

If you have a flexible itinerary, that means you have breaks for as long as a full day; then you have a choice that you can trek in any gorilla sector in Bwindi impenetrable forest park. Then, you also do not need to worry about failing to catch your next activity on the itinerary and trying to arrive at your gorilla lodge at a relative rate.

If you already have a tight itinerary, you might have to be keen on the gorilla trekking sector. Moreover, the sector Buhoma is easier to access in case you are coming from Queen Elizabeth National Park. However, the Ruhija sector is easier to operate in case you are planning to come and visit Kabale or connect to lake Bunyonyi after your gorilla trek.

After spending your time in impenetrable forest national park, after that, you can also plan to visit the Rushaga Sector, which would also be the best option to visit only if you are planning to visit Rwanda, and your second best option would be the Nkuringo sector, you should try only if you fail to get permits from the Rushaga sector.

The Budget of Accommodation:

It should be noted; all sectors have both upmarket safari lodges and low-end safari lodges. The difference lies in the variety of choices in terms of the accommodation offered by each sector. Therefore when it comes to the diversity of accommodation, there is no sector that can beat the Buhoma sector.


Buhoma sector is a legendary gorilla trekking sector in Uganda. It was the first and foremost place to visit for gorilla tourism in Bwindi. This also implies it was the first place to conduct gorilla trekking in the Bwindi National Park. Therefore having been in the gorilla trekking business for the longest time gives it an edge in terms of accommodation compared to all the other sectors.

Rushaga Sector would be rated the second-best gorilla trekking destination in regard to the quality of accommodation. It is also the sector with the highest number of habituated gorilla families in Uganda, and not only this, but also it is the only place where the gorilla habituation experience takes place.

Ruhija Sector is the third-best trekking location in regard to accommodation. But, this sector does not have so many lodges,
but its obligation is covered up by its closeness to the Buhoma sector of the Bwindi impenetrable forest national park.

It also has the availability that you can spend the night in the Buhoma sector and still trek gorillas in the Ruhija sector, and if you are not an early riser, then you will need to stick to find a lodge in the Ruhija sector, and that should be budget-friendly.

Nkuringo sector is the least popular gorilla trekking sector in Bwindi impenetrable forest national park. As it is least popular, that is why it has limited accommodation facility. Its deficit is covered by the Rushaga sector. However, the one thing that should be noticed is the Nkuringo sector is the best trekking location in case you are planning to spend a night at Lake Mutanda resort.

Ruhija Sector is the most suggested sector in case you wish to have a steep hiking experience. Among all the four gorilla trekking sectors of Bwindi impenetrable forest national park, the Ruhija sector is found at the highest height.

Nkuringo Sector is most recommendable if you want to go for long hikes. The landscapes are not as steep as those of the Ruhija sector. Both sectors ‘Buhoma and Rushaga sector is recommendable mainly for the diversity of choice in terms of the gorilla families. Unfortunately, you cannot choose a gorilla family before the trekking date.

In case you are interested in a particular gorilla family, the one thing that is recommendable for you is to come in July or August. These are the peak months, which means that there is a likelihood that all families will be available for trekking on a particular day.