Zimbabwe must become gastronomy tourism powerhouse in Africa: Barbara Rwodzi

Zimbabwe: At the ongoing gastronomy tourism event, the Minister of Tourism and Hospitality Industry – Barbara Rwodzi stated that Zimbabwe must take the advantage of its rich traditional cuisine and should position itself to become a gastronomy tourism powerhouse in Africa, riding on the work that is being done by the First Lady Dr. Auxilia Mnangagwa to promote traditional dishes.

On behalf of Tourism Minister Rwodzi, the Deputy Minister – Tongai Mnangagwa read the speech during the Amai’s community Provincial Cookout Competition at Masvingo Polytechnic.

Minister of Tourism nd Hospitality Industry, Barbara Rwodzi
Minister of Tourism and Hospitality Industry, Barbara Rwodzi

In the speech, Minister Rwodzi thanked Dr. Mnangagwa for the inroads that were made in Zimbabwe’s quest to realise its full potential in gastronomy tourism.

She added that nothing can stop Zimbabwe from taking a cue from other countries whose economies were anchored by the gastronomy tourism.

Minister Rwodzi said that the Tourism, as you may be aware has evolved beyond mere holidaying and recreation. It has become an avenue for exploration, connection and personal growth.

Rwodzi further added that in this journey of discovery, gastronomy plays a pivotal role as a gateway for understanding the culture and heritage of the destination.

Photograph from Gastronomy Tourism
Photograph from Gastronomy Tourism

Moreover, the culinary experiences have become a driving force in travel decisions as the international food enthusiasts seek authentic and immersive opportunities to taste the flavours of the world. The tourists are increasingly seeking for destinations that offer a culinary journey alongside traditional sightseeing.

Barbara Rwodzi added that many countries including Spain, Italy, China and France rely on gastronomy tourism as a major driver of their economies.


Rwodzi further said that this is where they ultimately aim to put Zimbabwe on the global map and be the gastronomy tourism powerhouse in Africa.

Notably, the UN Tourism 2023 statistics show that tourism revenue generated US $1.4 trillion globally whilst expenditure on food-related activities and is estimated to account for 40 percent of the global tourism expenditure.

Minister Barbara Rwodzi has registered her name in the history of growth of gastronomy tourism in Zimbabwe, that began as just an ordinary event before expanding and leaving the country on the cusp of becoming an international giant in the sector and thanked to the relentless efforts of the First Lady, who is also the patron of the tourism and hospitality industry.