20 year old shot in leg after attempting robbery at Mweemba Farm

Zambia: A young boy of was shot in his leg after he broke into the Mweemba Farm during a robbery attempt. The robbery attempt happened on Saturday in the early hours of the morning.

The owner of the farm which had been broken into shot at the at the robbery suspect, who has been identified as Nkulu Mulenga. The 20 year old boy was shot on the leg by Mweemba Farm Owner who has been identified Chile Mweemba.


The 50 year old farm owner found the suspect, around 02:00 hours on the morning of after he broke into a chicken house with intent to steal. When he found the suspect, the 20 year old tried to run away, intending to escape the farm.

At this point, Mweemba  asked him to stop running  and surrender, however, the youngster did not listen. As a result, the farm owner shot him in the leg and stopped him from escaping.

The farmer then reported the matter to Choma Police, confirming that he had shot the suspect who sustained a fractured leg with a Short-gun.

He informed the Police Officers that he had been experiencing several thefts at his farm in the previous few weeks. The circumstances made him to start routine night patrols to protect his property from theft and roobberies.

He further informed the police officers that around 01:00 hours on Saturday, he was on his routine patrol around the farm. Around 02:00 hours, noticed that the broiler chicken house had two holes on the wall, suggesting that there was an intruder inside.

When he then moved closer, he saw the suspect swiftly coming out and started running, ordering him to stop but to no avail, hence shooting him on the leg and he fell to the ground.


Mweemba is said to have picked him and taken the suspect to Choma Police Station where the matter was reported, with Officers issuing a Medical Report and rushing the gunshot victim to Choma General Hospital.

Southern Province Commissioner of Police, Auxensio Daka, updates that the suspected vandal’s condition is said to be stable while the firearm used in the incident has been secured at the Police pending further investigations