Adonia Ayebare explains, “Why Uganda neither supports Russia nor Ukraine”

As we all know, there is a conflict going on between Russia and Ukraine. In this conflict, the major visible thing is that Uganda is not supporting anybody in this conflict, and people from world are raising questions that why?

To answer all these questions, the Permanent Representative of Uganda to the United Nations (UN), ‘Adonia Ayebare’, has told why Uganda chose to sit on the fence in the United Nations vote against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.


While talking to the local media on Thursday evening, the ambassador stated that Uganda’s main concern right now is peace, and if they have chosen between one of the sides, they may place the country in a tight corner.

According to Ayebare, “I abstained in the United States (UN) vote against Russia, this decision is taken bt my government.”

Furthermore, he added that Uganda’s main interest is to spread peace in the country, and if they take sides, you can’t solve the crises.

The General Assembly of United Nations (UN) voted overwhelmingly on March 4 Wednesday in order to carry out a resolution condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Nearly 141 countries between the 193-member body demanded that Moscow need to withdraw its forces immediately from the soil of its sovereign neighbor.

The final count of the vote on the resolution, entitled “Aggression against Ukraine,” was 141 for five against, with Uganda being part of the 35 abstentions.


Uganda people on social media reacted to the vote, stating that Uganda abstinence could be interpreted as a means that the Kampala government supports Russia’s invasion, something the ambassador said is not valid.

Ayebare stressed the point that “We have worked with Russia and with West also, and this vote was not pro-Russia. We are simply saying that we need peace.”

Ayebare stated that neutrality is the critical component as the chair of the Non-aligned Movement (NAM).

In the end, Ayebare stated that Uganda would continuously play a constructive role in maintaining peace and security both regionally and globally.