Afro Dancehall artist Harry Matongo on journey to “Conquer the World”

Afro dancehall artist Harry Matongo revealed that he wants to conquer the world. He is popularly known as ‘Volcano’ & hails from Mbare town.

Afro Dancehall artist Harry Matongo
Afro Dancehall artist Harry Matongo

Zimbabwe: Afro dancehall artist Harry Matongo recently revealed that he wants to conquer the world. The artist is popularly known by the name ‘Volcano’ and hails from Mbare town.

Volcano said that he chose the genre after getting inspired by the Ghanaian musician ‘Stonebwoy’. The genre Afro-dancehall is a fusion of dancehall and Afro-pop which is believably originated from West Africa.


Harry Matongo said that he is ready to rise to the occasion and he is ready to conquer the world. He said that he drew his inspiration from Ghanaian musician Stonebwoy.

Dancehall artist Volcano said that he got much of his experience from ghetto life while living in Mbare. He said that he was born and bred in Mbare where he got much of life’s experience in music through interacting with other established musicians and attending shows.

His desire for music was driven by the painful experiences which people face in the ghetto especially when he was young. Moreover, adding his venture into music was a countermeasure for coming out of that lifestyle.

He said, “I found solace in music and that helped me cope, watching the struggles and plight of the youths. I was inspired to engage and motivate the youths through music.”

Starting his career as a teenager, Volcano faced many challenges at an early age, where he didn’t get much support from his family and friends.

Talking about the mentality of his family and friends the dancehall artist said, “To them, art was for those who have failed in life or those who have no focus, as parents with great expectations they expected more than art from me.”


“But lately, they realized that I had a passion for this and gradually they began supporting me which urged me on much to my surprise,” said Volcano.

The artist mentioned that his parents wanted him to be a teacher, but later, they understood that he could teach through music and that it could be his career, too.

As a budding musician, Volcano talked about the lack of support from promoters. He expressed, “We do not get a lot of promoters as they tend to ignore us. They choose already established artists and it’s hard for us to get gigs.

The volcano has recorded songs such as Nhamo Ndisiye, Pfugama Unamate, Chaedza, Pressure and Mwana Wemusango, which talk about hopes for a better future and a life full of abundance.