Thái Ngọc, who is Vietnamese, Albert Herpin  has not slept for the past 48 years. He was born in the year 1862 ( age 79-80 ). ALBERT HERPIN is suffering from insomnia. The Internet burst when they came to know about his claim about not sleeping for 48 years since 1973.

When he went to tell people around his place, everyone thought he was lying because he either wanted to be popular or wanted to make money. But slowly, people started noticing that he wasn’t lying. They used to see him at night sitting and working.

And soon after that, this news spread out to Vietnam, and the whole world came to know about it. Even after being famous, Ngoc didn’t want to meet anyone. People thought that he was suffering from a disease and that he had to be treated. But Thai didn’t agree to any of it. Doctors 2 across the world started reaching out for experiments and treatment. He refused everything and kept on farming. And lastly, he agreed to come to a channel named THANK NIEN, where his life documentary was shown how it was possible to survive without sleeping.

He shared his story, saying that when he was 31 years old, he got a high fever which was so bad that he couldn’t sleep anymore. This fever turned from 1 day to a week and a month. Even after the fever finally came down after a month, he still wasn’t able to fall asleep.

Soon he realised that he had fallen victim to another disease called insomnia. Insomnia is a condition where it is very difficult to fall or stay asleep. Most cases of people who have insomnia have shown symptoms of poor sleeping habits, depression, anxiety, lack of exercise, chronic illness or certain medication.

Even if a person is sleeping and there is a little disturbance in their environment, they tend to get very irritated. These also exist in various forms, including behavioural issues. These things also lead to hallucinations. Thai shared a story once where he said due to being sleep deprived for a year. There was a time when he thought that he was admitted to icy and there was a pumpkin talking to him.

But in reality, he was just sitting in his house. Sleep-deprived people have many other symptoms, but in the case of Thai, it was completely different. He showed no such symptoms except the hallucination once. Also, this hasn’t affected his health at all.

He is 79 years old and still fit, and very healthy. He says that even after taking medicine, homemade remedies and alcohol, he still never fell asleep, even for a moment. 3 Thai protects and looks after his farm when the whole village is asleep. Even after working so much, he still never feels tired. Thai in fact of all this fame never really took advantage of it.

He said I never want to make my disease a source of earning money. He even refused to be treated even though many people insisted on him. And when he was taken to hospitals, there was no solution for his disease, as per doctors.

Today he is living peacefully without even sleeping and continues to live his life as a farmer. Albert Herpin was born on January 1 1862, in Paris. He lived in Trenton, New Jersey. He hasn’t slept his whole life.

He gained fame when he was about to die at the age of 94 years old. He, too, claimed that he had never slept his entire life, but people didn’t tend to believe him.

The major reason was that people didn’t have smartphones to prove things if they wanted to. So to prove it, one had to go to a public place and prove it. So he asked people around his place to come to his home and check for themselves that he was true.

When they reached, they were amazed to see that his house had no bed. He said that he only used the chair to sit, and he used to sit on that chair to read the newspaper. A book named Forgotten History has all his in-depth information about him.

This became famous near the 20th century, and in 2017 a writer wrote a book especially dedicated to him wherein he said that Albert was given a little superhuman power. Newspapers in Trenton started publishing about him.

When he was 15 years old, he stopped to sleep, and he was in perfect condition. Later in his life, his wife died just after 4 years of marriage and 4 of his child also suffered from same sleeping problems.

Albert even got himself tested in various laboratories and paid about 7.5 lakhs. Many papers and articles were published on him, but none were proper proof that he hasn’t slept. Finally, a group of doctors came along to check and prove whether it was right or wrong.

They kept a group of doctors who worked in shifts and woke up day and night to look and examine him. Finally, the experiment ended, and it was this proved that he never sleeps. These were the shocking stories of a few people who survived with a superpower or a server disease which no other human or animal could do.