All American Pet Co Inc (OTCMKTS: AAPT) Appoints David Chong as Chief Financial Officer and Director

All American Pet Co Inc (OTCMKTS: AAPT) has announced that the group has appointed David Chong as Chief Financial Officer and Director.

The newly appointed CFO is expected to bring business development expertise

Chong, it is learned, has more than three decades of experience in working with medium and large, publicly listed and private corporate houses. Through his professional expertise, Chong has mastered the art of navigating through capital markets of China, the U.S., Europe, Singapore, and markets in other regions. In addition, he is well versed in several areas of business and corporate operations. International financial management, operations, auditing, funding, business development, internal control maintenance, corporate governance, and investor relations are the areas of strength. With his professional experience and expertise, the group is confident that the newly appointed Chief Financial Officer and Director will implement financial, management strategies, and business development models to scale the company’s performance. 


Chong will act as a catalyst for the growth of the business

According to Kareem Mansour, who serves as CEO and Current Director of All American Pet Co Inc., Chong will act as a catalyst who will fuel the growth of the business. The CEO called Chong a seasoned and proven leader. He is confident that with his experience, the CFO can take the company from one level of growth to another. 

Additionally, with the appointment of the CFO, the group is working on a strategy to create value for the shareholder. At present, the group is working towards completing its process on a merger candidate. It has come to light that All American Pet Co Inc has submitted the necessary documents, financial statements, and the Issuer Attorney letter. It is learned that the processing by OTC Markets to move into the PINK current is currently pending. As soon as the OTC Markets processes the various disclosure documents, the group is expected to find itself in the pink current. Meanwhile, the group has received a Yield sign as it has successfully uploaded all required documents. Additionally, the corporate house is compliant with rule 15C2-11. 

Currently, All American Pet Co Inc trades in OTC Markets under the ticker symbol AAPT. The Nevada holding corporation, it is learned, is actively pursuing acquisitions.

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