Beneficiaries urge govt to continue cash transfer programme

Zambia: A 76-year old woman in Mbala District has come forward to ask the Government to continue their cash transfer programme. The government had started the initiative with the aim of helping the aged people of the nation.

The cash transfer programme has been working towards getting the members of the community access to financial security. The elderly population of the nation can not work and earn a comfortable living.


Accordingly, the government needs to support these beneficiaries of the Cash transfer programme. The initiative is active in the country since 2003. The Social Cash Transfer (SCT) initiative is implemented by the Ministry of Community Development and Social Services.

The leadership has shared that they want to bring the social welfare schemes to the reach of the people. In line with this view, the elderly members of the community have reached out to the government, recounting their challenges in accessing the government.

The elderly population of Zambia may experience some mobility issues or other helath difficulties, meaning that they can not go to the government offices regularly in order to access their grants. The beneficiaries are accordingly asking the administration to look for a way out of the situation.

Aides Nakalumbi, of Namukale CWAC in Mbala district says it is difficult for elderly people and person with disabilities to always be going to social welfare offices to check if their money has been sent to their mobile phone accounts or not.

Further, Nakalumbi said that the Government should consider paying them cash through tables in order to solve their problems. She complained that the system of payment through mobile money accounts is not ideal for disabled and elderly people like herself.

She indicated that she has not received any payment since December last year since the Government started paying through mobile money. When contacted for a comment, Mbala District Social Welfare Officer, Fredrick Chilambwe acknowledged receiving such complaints.


He however clarified that his office is also paying cash to such people.