Botswana Tourism participates in World Travel Market in London

Botswana: Botswana Tourism hosted an exclusive training networking session for the travel and tourism industry. The stakeholders of Botswana are representing their country at the ongoing World Travel Market in London. The training initiative for the stakeholders was a important part of Botswana’s experience in at the Trade Show.

The WTM started on Monday, November 6 with several tourism destinations from across the globe in attendance.  The Acting High Commissioner of Botswana in London Charge; Affairs Godfrey Engliton was also one of the representatives of the country in attendance.

Botswana Tourism’s Interim Board Chair Wincey Ramaphoi and BTO Acting CEO Keitumetse Setlang, were also present at the WTM.

They had the opportunity to share insights with the UK Based Travel Industry and Media on the travel trends, developments and facilitation initiatives offered to the industry by Botswana. The officials of the Botswana Tourism Industry met several important stakeholders at the event.

During the session, the representatives of the Botswana Tourism Industry;

  • Interacted with industry leaders in travel and media
  • Highlighted the various attractions of Botswana
  • Worked on creating sustainable and responsible partnerships with international tourism stakeholders

The event also featured several inspiring conservations led by the Acting High Commissioner of Botswana. Further, the attendants of the event provided several insights about the Botswana Tourism and Travel Expo (BTTE)

In addition, the Botswana Tourism and Private Sector gave away travel prizes to Botswana to the hosted UK Agents and media.

Attending the event was a part of Botswana’s commitment to becoming a leading global travel destination.

Botswana Tourism Organization used the platform to:

  • Promote the country
  • Build Relationships with important tourism stakeholders
  • Gain critical insights into the world tourism market.

Additionally, the team also got the opportunity to explore business opportunities with the international partners

This goal of the organization is to strengthen Botswana’s presence in the global tourism industry and attract a diverse range of travellers to the country.