Buea Night Club to charge 3.5M CFA from fans to meet Shallipopi

Buea Night Club charges 3.5 million CFA from the visitors and fans to party with Nigerian Singer Shallipopi.

Nigerian singer Shallipopi
Nigerian singer Shallipopi

Cameroon: Buea Night Club charges 3.5 million CFA from visitors and fans to party with Nigerian Singer Shallipopi.

As per the sources, the Plutomania president Shallipopi is in Cameroon. He is organizing a party at La Cave Lounge in Buea this week.


But what is troubling the fans and some industry stakeholders is the highly expensive prices of the tables placed to party with the singer ranging from 500,000 CFA to 3,500,000 CFA.

Not everyone is that rich to pay 3,500,000 CFA to see and meet Shallipopi that approximately amounts to 9M Naira.

To meet, Shallipopi the interested ones will be charged for different shows including different prices.

  • For the session ‘Plutomania’, 3,500,000 CFA will be charged.
  • For the second show ‘Things on Things’, 2,500,000 CFA will be charged.
  • There’s also a third session called ‘Puff & Pass’ for which 1,500,000 CFA will be charged.
  • ‘Ex-Convict’ is the fourth show for which 7,50,000 CFA will be charged.

As per the sources, Popular Nigerian artist Shallipopi is about to set a stage performance in Cameroon. For the show, the Nigerian artist is being paid 20 million CFA which counts to 84 million Naira, when converted.

Notably, the amount paid to the artist to come and perform in Cameroon has touched the deep hearts of Cameroonians as they have promised to boycott the artist’s show because according to Cameroonians this money paid to Shallipopi was supposed to be used on Cameroonian upcoming and established artists.

Song 'Elon Musk' by Nigerian singer Shallipopi
Song ‘Elon Musk’ by Nigerian singer Shallipopi

Shallipopi’s real name is Crown Uzama who is a Nigerian rapper, singer and songwriter. He rose to mainstream fame in the year 2023 after he released his single track ‘Elon Musk’ which ranked number one on the Nigeria Top-100 Apple Music.


The track was followed by the artist’s debut studio album ‘Presido La Pluto’ in 2023, which reached number one on the ‘Turn Table Top-50 Albums’ and also peaked at number five on the Apple Music Top-100 albums.