Buganda: King congratulates chief Minister on call for growing

Buganda: The King thanked his people in Buganda for their response to the Katikkiro’s call for rice cultivation.

The Kabaka was speaking on the 29th Anniversary of his Coronation.

There are now signs that Buganda is enthusiastic about rice cultivation, and the harvest has increased.

The King also thanked the leaders at various levels in Buganda, as well as other areas who have fought for the common man, especially on the issue of rice cultivation.



The King said many people in the past took pride in rice cultivation which helped them, especially in educating their children.

He added that rice is one of the most income-generating crops in the country. It has provided several jobs, and it is very capable of bringing people out of poverty.

Awonno urged the central government to create conditions that will enable those involved in the rice industry, including farmers, traders; selectors; and exporters, to take pride in and benefit from the rice by establishing a system that prevents the price of rice from falling too low.

The King also urged the government to help farmers borrow money from banks and credit institutions at low-interest rates and to enable farmers and institutions in the rice industry to be informed of any issues related to rice.

He urged leaders to revive the cooperatives that helped farmers in the 1960s and 70s, develop farming and rice prices, and people benefited with one voice.

He thanked Buganda and the institutions for their achievements in 29 years and urged them to strengthen unity further.

He thanked all those who participated in the King’s Birthday Run.

He thanked the SDA Church for their prayers at the Graduation Ceremony.

Earlier, the King was presented with paintings of 35 Kings, and he appreciated them.

He then greeted the Celebration and sat on the Throne. The traditional schedule of the Graduation Ceremony was followed carefully.

The King gave up the Kingdom and returned to his Palace.