Cameroon South West Region celebrates 58th Youth Day

Cameroon celebrated 58th Youth Day in Tiko, at Haute Sanaga department, Center Region, from Jan 31 to Feb 01.

Cameroon: The South West Region of Cameroon celebrated the 58th edition of the ‘Youth Day’ in Tiko. The official launch of Cameroon Youth Day activities was observed in the locality of Nsem, Haute Sanaga department, Center Region from Jan 31, 2024 to Feb 01, 2024.

The theme for the year 2024 celebration encouraged the active participation of young people in increasing the growth of the economy. It accelerated its growth through entrepreneurship and innovation in order to reduce its dependence on imports by developing its own production and consumption capacity.


Minister of Youth and Civic Education – Mounouna Foutsou announced the president of the national organizing committee during a press conference conducted on Friday, Jan 26, 2024, in Yaounde.

Minister Foutsou called on the youth to increase patriotic action, considering that economic patriotism can be crucial. The youngsters are promoting the consumption of local products, supporting national businesses and sustainable development for national pride.

The selected location for the celebration was the Nsem locality in the Haute Sanaga Department, Center Region. Celebrating the 58th Youth Day, the Awareness caravans were also planned to inform as many young people as possible, even without any access to the Internet.

The objective of the awareness campaign is clear: no one must be left behind during this flagship meeting of Cameroonian youth.

The Youth Festival was celebrated under high security, as some people expressed fear about the security of a gathering of 5,000 young people. The minister wanted to reassure them.

The security forces were completely mobilized in coordination with the various ministerial departments and ensured that this event took place in a calm climate.


Moreover, the joint efforts allowed the young people to celebrate their annual celebration joyfully. The 2024 Cameroonian Youth Festival was a rich and innovative celebration, between a global camp, an artistic parade and the creation of a youth senate.