Sylvia Masebo celebrates slight reduction in cholera cases

Minister of Health Sylvia Masebo has disclosed that Zambia has recorded 145 new cholera cases which is less than cases recorded on Saturday.

Zambia: The Minister of Health Sylvia Masebo has disclosed that Zambia has recorded 145 new cholera cases. The officials of the Health Ministry were happy to announce that the number of cases had gone down.

According to the ministry, the number is slightly lower than the cases recorded on Saturday. The officials shared that they were encouraged by the statistics and believed that the cholera outbreak was coming under control.


Masebo reveals that this encouraging trend was observed across several provinces of Zambia. She talked about the statistics from each province in detail.

  • Lusaka recorded 92 cases compared to 100 cases yesterday
  • Central Province recorded 16 cases
  • Southern Province recorded 11 cases
  • Copperbelt Province recorded 22 cases
  • Eastern Province reported 4 cases

Further, Minister of Health Masebo shared details of the number of cases recorded in individual parts of each province.

Out of the 92 cases reported in Lusaka province, 78 cases were recorded in Lusaka District. Meanwhile, 11 cases were in Chilanga District. Finally, the health authorities recorded 3 cases in Chongwe District.

Health Minister Sylvia Masebo stated that the Rufunsa, Luangwa and Kafue did not record any case. The Ministry of Health also shared some details about the deaths that were recorded on Sunday

2 lives were lost on Sunday, 1 from Southern Province as a community death and 1 from Lusaka as a facility death at Levy Mwanawasa UTH. She also noted that among the two deaths was an 8-month-old child who died of non-cholera-associated illnesses.

The cholera crisis has affected the people of the country for the last four months. The Ministry of Health has been urging the people of the country to follow precautions and safeguards.


This will ensure that the number of infections is brought down and community deaths can be avoided.

The Health Minister has since urged parents to reinforce personal hygiene practices among their children. The Minister made this request in light of the schools reopening on Monday, February 12, 2024.

Masebo says children should be discouraged from sharing food in the classrooms and from drinking untreated water during playtime or after sports.

The people of the country have also shared their delight in swing the improved situation when it comes to the cholera outbreak. Some people in Zambia thanked the Ministry of Health for their unrelenting efforts to curb the cholera outbreak.

Meanwhile, others thanked the minister for sharing the information.