Charles Hill Commemorates National Arts Festival

Charles Hill Commemorates National Arts Festival, Image: facebook
Charles Hill Commemorates National Arts Festival, Image: facebook

Botswana: The National Arts Festival Regional Competitions (NAF) was hosted in the Charles Hill community on Saturday. The National Arts Festival organizers hosted this edition of the event under the traditional instruments category .

The event is being hosted in several parts of the nation with locals coming to the forefront. The event aims to allow the members of the community to bring their talent to the forefront and promote their talents.


The event has given many talented members of the community the chance to showcase their art. The event also highlights the culture and traditions of the various community.

In the previous editions of the National Arts Festival, the members of the community highlighted the various dance forms. The best performing artists in the various  traditional and cultural dance forms were hailed among the locals.

The National Arts Festival had originally started as Presidents Day Competitions. The event was aimed towards celebrating Botswana’s rich heritage. The event plays a crucial role in preserving and promoting the cultural expressions of Batswana.

At the same time the event also seeks to cultivate and nurture talents through showcasing the talent of the people

The Kgalagadi District  was a vast and arid region part of  Botswana is home to the San people. It is one of the oldest continuous cultures in the country.

Their rich musical heritage is deeply intertwined with their traditional lifestyle . The instruments are not only tools for creating music but also vital elements in cultural expression and talent .


Summing up the traditional instruments competitions the results are as follows :


  1. Segu Kopane (New Xade )
  2. Commando Tenete ( Maake Settlement)
  3. ⁠James Letlotlo ( Lehututu )


  1. Tarzen Sentime ( Charles Hill )
  2. ⁠Gakelapiswe Tuelo ( New Xade )
  3. ⁠Cathrine Xutaa( D’Kar )


  1. Doctor Mogatusi ( Ghanzi)
  2. ⁠Madaese Somote ( Hukuntsi )
  3. ⁠Obuile Lesomane ( Hukuntsi )