Communal Land Summit started with the continuation of commissions

The three commissions of the #CommunalLandSummit are: SPLUMA, Land Administration and tenure in communal areas and Khoi-San land-related issues.

The Summit was opened by Deputy President David Mabuza yesterday, where he called for dealing with the land question head-on.

Minister of Agriculture, Ms Thoko Didiza, will provide a way forward and a summary of the Summit before the closing address by the Deputy President.

Some of the issues raised by Traditional Leaders are that the State should transfer the land to its original owners, i.e. traditional leaders and their communities.

Challenges regarding the relationship between communities and their traditional leaders need to be addressed to ensure smooth decision making regarding whom the land should be transferred.

The State should support traditional communities and traditional leaders in identifying their boundaries to avoid any boundary disputes and conflicts over land between traditional communities.

On outer boundaries, The State should transfer the land to the community in their own name or a structure chosen by the community to hold their land.

Outer boundaries; Proper mechanisms and controls should be developed in policy and legislation to protect the interest and land rights of the community members as owners.

On inner boundaries, Communities should be allowed to decide whether they want to own their land collectively or allocate individual titles to the land.

The State should develop proper guidelines in policy and legislation on the composition and functions of the Land Administration structures.

The Act governing traditional leadership structures and functions provides for a democratic process in the appointment of the 60-40 membership, allowing them to fairly manage land on behalf of their communities.

There are two forms of the tenure system and land rights, i.e. Freehold ownership and customary tenure. Calls were made for the 1st system to have conditions based on customary practices and for the 2nd system to have a legislative framework as well.

Deputy President David Mabuza gave closing remarks, thanked all that came to the Summit and assured delegations that their contributions were taken seriously. He further promised to report back on the progress after this.

David Mabuza: The Communal Land Summit is convened under the permission of the President and sanctioned by Cabinet. Therefore consolidated inputs from this Summit will be presented in Cabinet for their guidance.