Egypt police arrests two teenagers over girl’s suicide for online harassment

Egypt police arrested two teenagers on Thursday over the suicide of a teenage girl who was a school student. They blackmailed her digitally by uploading her pictures on the internet.

The case of internet shaming and the loss of a teenage girl demanded justice on various social media accounts in Egypt for those responsible for being held to account.


According to some reports, the girl named Basant Khaled, 17, who lived with her family in the village of Northern Egypt, died after consuming the poison on December 23.

A prosecutor general’s office source said she committed suicide because she was being blackmailed on her social media account after refusing to come into a relationship with one of that youth.

Furthermore, he said, her photos were posted on social media and that photos got viral all over the social media and were seen by her classmates and her parents.

According to her father’s statement, “Her face had been attached to any other body,” she is my daughter I know her, and I know she is not like that, and I have confidence in her.”

She also wrote a suicide note to her mother. It was a desperate note, in which she appealed to her mother that “Please understand me,”

“Mum, you have to believe me. I am not that girl in pictures; these images are fake; I do not deserve all this happening with me,” the teenager wrote.


The two young teenagers were held in four days of police custody where police questioned them over “extortion and social media usage.

Further, they asked how they use social media and harm others via social media, which took the death of a minor girl who was not at fault.

After their police enquiry, police have also detained a school teacher who had upset the girl in front of her class.