UK and Irish government supports reopening of schools in Uganda

The UK and Irish governments support Uganda schools to reopen after the massive break due to COVID-19. UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund) received $2.6 million from the UK and the Irish Governments to support Uganda’s safe reopening of schools.

According to officials, their primary focus will be on school management for their early identification, reporting and management for occurring COVID-19 cases in school.


The secondary focus will be on the Mental health of teachers and students. They will also focus on psychosocial training to reschedule school life because students are coming to school after the two years of the pandemic.

It is believed that these activities are crucial for students and help schools reopen and continue to provide education to the country’s children.

This initiative by the Government helps up to 40,000 schools to reopen both private and public schools across the country to virtually track and address cases of COVID-19 and will also support teachers and students to come to school again.

United Kingdon gave funds of $609,594, while the Irish Government has insinuated Euro 1.8 million, which is about $2 million to support the schools to get reopened.

Uganda government has decided to give a one-day training programme for teachers and headteachers of school. This seminar will be held in the capital Kampala on Thursday.

According to Ms Kate Airey, British High School Commissioner of Uganda, “I sympathise with my Government of Uganda colleagues who made a tough decision in past two years.” Further, he said, I hope all Uganda public is relieved now because schools will be opening finally from 10 of January 2022.