Egypt releases Palestinian activist after 1.5 years

Ramy Shatth, son of Nabil Shatth and residence of Palestine, was arrested in 2019 July in case of apparent links to the Muslim brotherhood.

Egyptian authorities release him from prison after almost 1.5 years of pre-detention over the allegations of having ties and helping the Muslim community.


According to the statement of his one family member, Ramy Shatth, son of Nabil Shaath, was released on January 6 and then deported to his family. He was forced to leave his Egyptian citizenship to gain his freedom.

Egyptian authorities handed Ramy Shaath over to one of the Palestinian authority workers at Cairo international airport, where he boarded aviation to the Jordanian capital of Amman.

After taking a flight at Cairo airport, he caught his subsequent flight from Paris on January 8, where his wife Caline Lebrun Shatth, a French national, was waiting for him.

As Mr Shatth landed in Paris, French President Emmanuel Macron tweeted in which he wrote, “Thank you for releasing him, saying he was relieved and also thanked people who support him during his hunger protest.”

However, there were no immediate comments came in his tweet.

The reason for Ramy Shaath arrest is due to the accused of having links to the Muslimas terrorists and helping them in one of their mission. Egyptian police treat them as terrorist organizations. Cops arrested him from his home in Cairo in 2019 July.


A Dual Palestinian-Egyptian national, arrested in a case that included a former lawmaker and key secular activists. They had been suspended about a month before Mr Shaath and assessed with a tie-up with wanted Brotherhood members in Turkey to plan violence and riots.

Previous year government added them to a list of terrorists.

According to sources, Ramy Shaath helped Egypt establish Palestine led to the boycott movement against Israel.

As per his family statement, the Egyptian government forced him to leave his citizenship as a “precondition for his release.”

Furthermore, No one has to force him to leave his citizenship. Ramy was born Egyptian.