“People should come to have their vaccine, it’s the only shield against COVID-19: Ramaphosa

COVID-19 is increasing in the world day by day, and nearly 129 countries face problems related to COVID-19 and Omicron. In the intense situation of the COVID-19 variant, President Cyril Ramaphosa emphasized on the need to increase the COVID-19 vaccination limit in South Africa.

Ramaphosa said this statement to request the government of ANC (African National Congress) members party to fight vaccine hesitancy in communities.


However, in South Africa, 40% young generation has been fully vaccinated, higher than in many other African countries, higher than any other African country, but lower than the government had hoped at this point.

In late 2021, the government of Africa postponed the deliveries of the vaccine for some reason. Because of that, their population rate to get vaccinated were drop by a large number.

According to Ramaphosa, “We can do better as we are the people of South Africa, so I, therefore, request each citizen who has not yet vaccinated, let’s come out from our homes and get the vaccine.”

He added that it’s necessary to be vaccinated to boost and recover the economy.

Moreover, he made the vaccine mandatory for particular places and activities in 2021 November after the local scientists warned the world about the new variant of Omicron.

While, this restriction is pending to be mandatory after months-long talks between the authorities of South Africa, businesses and trade unions.


“We need to encourage our people to go and have their vaccine because this is the only defence and shield we have to protect ourselves with this life taking variant, he said.”

President, who himself suffered from COVID-19, said I was vaccinated. That is the only thing that helped to stay out of the hospital.

The ANC’s priority for 2022 includes addressing unemployment and poverty, restoring the party’s credibility, and boosting and encouraging the people of Africa to fight against corruption, Ramaphosa communicated.