Fourteen dead, 17 injured in double double bus crash in Egypt: officials

Fourteen people were killed in Egypt, and 17 were injured in a double-bus crash. This accident happened between the minibus and the coach who came from the capital Cairo and were heading to the Red Sea tourist resort of Sharm el-Sheikh. They crashed while travelling because of the poor visibility due to fog around dawn.

The accident happened near the El-Tor in southern Sinai. This place is far away, some 300 kilometres from the southeast of Cairo.

The casualties were taken to the hospital in El-Tor immediately.

Travel accidents are very casual in Egypt because the roads of Egypt is not well maintained, and people always neglect the traffic rules.




According to the data of official figures, last year 7000 people have lost their lives in a road accident.

According to the reports of 2020 by WHO(World Health Organisation), Egypt is the only country worldwide whose rates of road accidents is highest, with more than 12,000 fatalities each year.

According to the data of 2019, reported a total of 4,37,396 road accidents in 2019. However, road accidents are decreased as compared to 2018 data. Still, Egypt is at a peak for the data of accidents.

The country have decreased from 4,45,514 in 2018 to 4,37,396 in 2019.

Whilst, after 2018 it again started rising and several accidents reincreased in Egypt’s. It is increased by 1.3% (from 1,52,780in 2018 and in 2019 its 1,54,732).

There are so many accidents in a particular country only because of poor transportation safety, and crashes and collisions mostly happen due to speeding, bad roads or poor enforcement of traffic laws.

Last year, a tragic accident killed at least 19 people just before Cairo. Another 12 people were killed, and 30 were injured in September when a bus toppled on a highway connecting Cairo with Suez.