Ernest Hilaire invites proposals for Jounen Kwéyòl Mwa Éwitaj Kwéyòl

Saint Lucia: The Deputy Prime Minister of Saint Lucia, Ernest Hilaire has announced the beginning of Mwa Éwitaj Kwéyòl and Jounen Kwéyòl. The Kweyol  is one of the most anticipated event for the people of Saint Lucia.

Minister Hilaire handles the responsibility for the creative economy and festivals of Saint Lucia. The Jounen Kwéyòl is celebrated every year in the country, with a series of events


Ernest Hilaire has asked the members of the country to register to participate in the event. The event will be hosted by the Folk Research Center. The organizers and people of the country, are extremely excited to be part of the initiative.

The Deputy Prime Minister has encouraged the members of  the community to reach out to the Folk research centre with their ideas. The Monsignor Patrick Anthony Folk Research Centre (FRC) has also shared the message  with the community representatives and community organisations.

They have asked the individuals and groups who are interested in hosting activities to send in their community’s name along with a proposal. The organizers will be considering the proposals for both Jounen Kwéyòl and Mwa Éwitaj Kwéyòl 2024 (Creole Heritage Month).

The proposal must also include the following details:

List of proposed events, with dates and venues

Budget for all activities


Site Plan for Jounen Kwéyòl Day 2024

The rationale for wanting to be a host community.

Deadline for submission is Friday, June 7th, 2024. Jounen Kwéyòl 2024 will be celebrated in St Lucia on Sunday 27th October 2024.

For more information, the people can reach out to the organizers through their email to folkresearch.assist@gmail.com or telephone numbers 452-2279, or 4531477.

The Creole is one of the biggest celebration highlighting the longstanding culture of the nation. The aim of the event is to allow the members of the community to come together to celebrate.

The event features a number of events, which will be finalized In the next month. The organizers will subsequently share calender of events for the Creole heritage Month, which is celebrated every year in October.

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