EXCLUSIVE: Meet Sergent Musiki Godfrey Singo- sharp mind in military

South Africa: Sergeant Musiki Godfrey Singo, one of the military's youngest sharpest creative minds, was born in 1991 and raised at Mukula Village, outside Thohoyandou, Venda.

South Africa: Sergeant Musiki Godfrey Singo, one of the military’s youngest sharpest creative minds, was born in 1991 and raised at Mukula Village, outside Thohoyandou, Venda.

He has been at the cutting edge of photography and Music since time immemorial and has seen the good and the ugly of being called the youngest in the rooms that he walks into while navigating through his many passions. 


Godfrey Singo shared his story, “As a kid, everything I did was viewed as being creative; no matter how many times I coloured outside of the circle, I was still motivated to just flow, flow, flow and create my world as I saw it. As I grew older, I did not want to lose that freedom of interpreting the world in my own way. I had no plan of doing my creativity a disservice; I had to remain a vessel, a conduit for sharing everything I love. The passion I have for serving my country and the love I have for aviation made me choose to become a soldier in the South African Air Force.”

Furthermore, he said, “I am a qualified Aerial Photographer and a ground photographer at 68 Air School in Pretoria. I conduct the installation or removal of Air Craft Reconnaissance Sensor Systems as well as conducting maintenance on the Air Craft Reconnaissance Sensor Systems. I also do execution of ground photographic tasks as requested on the relevant job cards and according to the standard operating procedures. I’m currently registered with UNISA, doing Safety Management.”

Sergeant Singo is not afraid to move beyond the determined mark. “Safety is on everyone’s priority list; that is why I am a uniformed member who also tells stories through Music. People buy into a brand’s story because whatever it is, that story will represent someone somewhere. People love good stories that they can repeat and that they can use to justify their decisions. We are in a very serious organization as the defence force, that is why now and again, songs are the key things that keep us motivated when the going gets tough. The songs we sing while training has the potential to set the tone of how far, slow, or fast our momentum takes us.

My responsibilities at work are also super serious. They entail being a support staff to 2 Squadrons to accomplish their tasks in support of the SA Air Force missions and the South African National Defence Force at large. I never shy away from new challenges and new responsibilities because I learn every day in every situation. I am a transformational leader, I do not enjoy being stagnant, and I am forever positive about the next phases of life. I inspire others to achieve the unexpected because I know how advantageous it is to have a teachable spirit.

I work well with people believing that together we can achieve even better results. My best memorable moment was the pass-out parade in December 2011. It was an honour for me to be the one designing the gift to be presented to all SA Air Force Bases/Units Officers Commanding during the tenure of the retired former Chief of the Air Force, Lieutenant General Zimpande Msimang. I have also travelled the country extensively performing my military duties, and that gave me an open mind and new perspectives that I would otherwise not have.”

He believes in giving his opinion but says he always tries to be kind and lets those he interacts with know that when he criticizes something, it is never a personal attack. “I have mastered the art of managing expectations; I am able to tell what is important and what is not. I think that is also in my artistic nature. I grew up loving Music and dance, and I was never one to cower when an opportunity to own the dancefloor arose. That obviously led me to the decision to monetize my other passion and release my very first album in 2020, named Mind Capture, consisting of 13 RnB & Soul tracks. And also, when my Music started playing on Radio stations, it was an amazing, memorable moment for me, my family and my colleagues.


I have never lacked support in the South African National Defence, it is an organization that truly cares about its members, and they let us find peace through other avenues in which we excel. Thus far, I have found myself performing at the SA National Defence Force Soccer Championship in Mpumalanga, performing at the SA Air Force Soccer Championships, SA National Defence Force Inter Arms and a few days ago, I performed for our current Chief of the Air Force, Lieutenant General Wiseman Mbambo at the SA Air Force Sports Awards in Thaba Tshwane, Pretoria.

It is important to manage one’s busy schedule in order to increase efficiency. I implement effective time management and scheduling techniques that help me optimize my day for maximum performance. Family time is one of my best moments to unwind, followed by spending time in the studio making music because Music is therapeutic.”

The mantras that he lives by are:

• I will have a good day because it is my choice.

• Never be afraid to be wrong because every day is a new lesson.

• Create your own path and walk it with joy.

Sergeant Singo’s Music is available on all Digital Platforms by the name Musiki Singo.

• YouTube: Musiki Singo

• All Social Media Platforms: Musiki Singo