FECAFOOT joins UEFA to build football training centre in Douala

Cameroon: The National Team of Football for Cameroon ‘FECAFOOT’, has collaborated with the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) and launched a project to build a football training centre in PK27, in suburb of the city of Douala.

The project that aims to construct a state-of-the-art football training centre is a significant move to enhance the football development in Cameroon.


Reportedly, the training centre envisions to be a world-class facility and will cater to the needs of both young and professional footballers. It is an initiative that reflects a commitment to nurture the local talent and provide athletes with the resources that they need to succeed on the international stage.

The planned training centre will include multiple football pitches, artificial and natural grass surfaces. The centre will also include modern locker rooms and training facilities.

The place will also include a fitness centre which will be equipped with the latest technology. The players and coaching staff will also be provided with the accommodation facilities at the centre.

The newly built training centre will also include classrooms and meeting rooms for educational and tactical sessions.

President of UEFA - Aleksander Čeferin
President of UEFA – Aleksander Čeferin

As per the sources, the partnership between FECAFOOT and UEFA signifies a major milestone for developing the football infrastructure in Cameroon. Involvement of UEFA will bring a wealth of experience and expertise in building and managing training facilities, which will ensure that the project adheres to the highest standards.

The project expects to have a profound impact on the local football community. It will provide top-notch training facilities.


FECAFOOT aims to foster a new generation of skilled footballers who can compete at regional and international levels. The centre will also serve as a hub for coaching education and football administration, further professionalising the sports in Cameroon.

Notably, the construction of the training centre is set to begin soon, with an anticipation of getting it complete within the next two years. Once it is operational, the centre desires to host various training camps with youth development programs and potential international teams seeking high-quality training venues.

President of FECAFOOT - Samuel Eto'o
President of FECAFOOT – Samuel Eto’o

President of FECAFOOT – Samuel Eto’o expressed his enthusiasm for the project and stated that, “This training centre is a dream come true for Cameroonian football. It will provide the players with the best possible environment to develop their skills and reach their full potential.”

The UEFA officials mentioned the significance of the partnership and emphasised their commitment to support football development worldwide.

Furthermore, the construction of the football training centre in PK27, Douala marks a transformative step for football in Cameroon. With the partnership of FECAFOOT and UEFA, the future looks promising for the aspiring footballers of the country.