Juliet Ibrahim: My ex-boyfriend locked and raped me daily

One of the famous actresses, Juliet Ibrahim, finally speaks up about the abusive relationship she had been going through for the past several months.

The actress revealed that her ex-boyfriend locked her up and raped her daily in a media interview.


The actress narrated how her one-time boyfriend, whose name she didn’t expose, locked her up in his room till her sister rescued her.

Ibrahim stated that when she told her ex-lover that the actions he did were considered as rape but her ex-boyfriend, in response to that, said they were in a relationship.

She said, “I told him what he did was rape, but he said we were in a relationship. But was I ready? That was the main question. Did I say I was in the mood?

“I was continuously saying no, ‘stop it. You pin me down, and you do whatever you want to do. You are just smiling and saying, ‘don’t worry, and you are just kissing, and you do not care whether I am crying or comfortable. That clearly means you are a rapist, and I had to leave this relationship.”

“I battled my way out of that relationship because he even once locked me in his own house for days until my sister Sonia came and escaped me.”

She further added, “Every day, he wanted to do something, which is called rape.”

She further advised all the women that if they face something like this, they should immediately report the incident, especially when men took advantage of them without their permission, whether they were in a relationship or not.


“But ladies, you can inform it now, go and report. If your husband is pushing you to do when you are not in the mood to do anything, it is rape, and I tell these men that they cannot force a woman,” she advised.