Read: Joseph Kalimbwe supports frog eating culture of Southern Africa

Zambia: The Zambian Politician and public figure – Joseph Kalimbwe posted a fact regarding frogs being eaten by the people of Southern Africa. Kalimbwe shared the post with the thought of raising awareness among locals and in support of frog eating culture.

While sharing the post, the influencer wrote, “Frogs are being eaten by us, we live in Southern Africa. Why do you want me to say it’s not Southern Africa?”


He added in the message, “Unless you want to reject us as not being part of you otherwise so long as it’s eaten by some of us – it’s Southern African food. Those aggrieved can deport us !!!”

As soon as the post was shared by the politician through his official Facebook account, the social media users and followers reacted to it and expressed their views and opinions.

Around 171 people shared their reactions and filled the comment section with their responses and hilarious commentaries that are a must-read:

A user, Ye Temboman expressed, “Let’s share chief I have mopane worms”, to which Elison Takudzwa Kombora responded, “Ye Temboman mopane worms I eat”

Another user Even Moyo, commented, “In Chipinge those frogs they are very few now so if they saw a human coming towards them, they run faster more than a hare.”

Luthando Mapepa shared his experience and wrote, “I’m in Zimbabwe, Manicaland province in Chipinge district. I’m one of the persons who eats these bull frogs. To those who have never tasted it please try, it’s a good meat. You will regret.”

Another social media user, Kingi van T commented, “Eat whatever u like! Some eat snails and worms, rats/mice, snakes and crocodiles etc. I am Shona, never eaten any of the things on this list! So, avoid generalising!”


Dumazi Mapengo Khovani responded, “Tsonga/Xangans in Zimbabwe, Mozambique, South Africa and Swaziland we eat those delicious frogs, those who are complaining they must go back to their western continents.”

Gym Supplements Online, Zimbabwe commented, “It is a southern African food. Some people in Southern Zimbabwe eat frogs. A place named Save the big ones ‘madzetse’ is the name of the frogs they eat. No big deal”

Njukuya Lovemore supported the culture and wrote, “The Germans love to eat their snails and they don’t care what we think and if a section of our fellow Africans loves to eat frogs let them. One’s delicacy should not be seen as not fit for human consumption.”

Many other people have shared their opinions and supported the frog-eating Southern African culture.