Korra Obidi kicked out from Davido and Chris Brown’s Private after-party

Nigerian social media influencer Korra Obidi was kicked out by the bouncers from Davido and Chris Brown’s private after-party.

The Nigerian social media influencer Korra Obidi was kicked out by the bouncers and was manhandled at Davido and Chris Brown’s private after-party during the visit at GRAMMYs. The incident happened as the bouncers were unaware that Obidi is a famous personality.

Social media star Korra Obidi explained in a recent live chat with her fans that she cried when she reached home, and as a result, she immediately unfollowed and blocked Davido on Instagram.


Later, she had a chat with Davido on TikTok, after which she calmed herself and unblocked him as he was not responsible for the bouncer’s behaviour.

Korra Obidi is a Nigerian singer and dancer based in the US. In the live video clip, she revealed that she snagged a pass to OBO’s after-party with the help of one of his aides.

The influencer had a brief encounter and exchanged pleasantries with the Afrobeats singer and said that she also met Chris Brown at the party.

Obidi also mentioned that she felt bit uneasy during the party and made it clear that she wasn’t tipsy but took a breather in the restroom to regain her composure.

Korra told that how security guard who had been giving her strange vibes at the party barged into women’s restroom and told her to leave immediately.

She was treated very badly and was dumped outside in the freezing weather without her bags or jacket.


The mother of two claimed that this whole incident happened right in front of Davido and Chris Brown and they witnessed the whole drama.

Following the revelation made by the social media influencer Korra Obidi, many people presented their views and opinions.

A social media user Roland Nyang Beng supported the bouncers and questioned the dress sense of the influencer and commented, “The bouncers did a very good job. Even the night club does not accept indecent dressing. She is not a good example anywhere, anyhow, anytime.”

Another social media user Chigozie Okafor expressed, “I hope the so called bouncer aint racist and hiding it because he have done same to Cubana chief priest, they won’t say they don’t know him too Davido better check those he uses as bouncer.”

A person named Eddy King asked in the comment section, “Did the private party not have a check in list for invited guests? Or na say anyman be get to come explain yi self and relationship with Davido before enter?”

Ntui Giscard Egbe wrote, “Was she invited to the party? After she was kicked out why did she not call Davido before leaving that area?”

Another person Nadine Patricia II commented, “It’s clearly written ‘Private Party’ na, the question is, was she invited?”