Kweneng District hosts inspection exercise at primary schools, bakeries

Botswana: Public Health Department and the Education and Home Economics Divisions of the Kweneng District organized an inspection exercise. The officials of these organizations will visit the Bakeries and Primary schools in Lentsweletau, Medie, Dikgatlhong, and Kgope villages.

Through the inspection exercise, the organization wants to make sure that the people of the district  can get access to quality of food services. The government had started the feeding programme to assist the vulnerable populations of the district.


Some families can not provide their children with proper nutrition due to financial or  physical constrains. The Primary School Feeding programmes of the Kweneng district administration help ensure that these children get the nutrition they need.

The inspection exercise sought to ensure that the quality of the food and the production practices align with the highest standards. The Public Health Department and the Education and Home Economics Divisions shared some glimpses of the inspection exercise.

They spoke to the beneficiaries during the inspection and shared some advices to

According to them, they wanted to ensure that outsourcing of primary school feeding programme by local bakeries can bear positive results. They want to materialize the project as a way of empowering locals and help eradicate poverty.

However, before the organizatins engage these beneficiaries, they want to ensure cleanliness and safety by conducting Health and Safety Inspections.

The Principal Environmental Health Technician Gaamanngwe spoke about the significance of the inspection exercise. He claimed that the beneficiaries should consider screening candidates before hiring them. Further, it is the responsibility of the hiring team to ensure that they meet all the required qualifications.


In his remarks, he spoke about the importance of using safety measures. He highlighted that these measures can help protect against hazards in the work place.

The  Principal Environmental Health Technician recommended that the bakery should have a trained health and safety officer. These officers can assist and educate workers on first aid measures.

Beneficiaries were further advised to always use protective clothing when carrying out operations as this can help curb accidents and contagious illnesses.

Apart from bakery inspections, primary schools were also part of the exercise. The aim of the initiative was to ensure that everything is in order (in terms of infrastructure status, resources and feeding).

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