MEC Qabathe invites Mecs for Treasury & Public works and infrastructure to Tshireletsong child

South Africa: The MEC for Social Development in the Free State, Ms Motlagomang “Mamiki” Qabathe, invited MEC for Treasury, Ms Gadija Brown and MEC for Public Works and Infrastructure, Ms Tshidi Koloi, to pay an oversight visit to the Tshireletsong CYCC that is currently under renovations.

This visit emanates from the oversight visit MEC Qabathe undertook last week at the Centre. The two departments are key to the successful completion of the renovations.

MEC Koloi committed the Department of Public Works and Infrastructure to ensure that the renovations would be in line with the Norms and Standards of such a centre and that the Department’s requests would be met, including the Centre is accessible by people with disabilities. Whilst MEC Brown committed Provincial Treasury to unlock financial resources needed to complete the Centre.



The MECs also had a word with the contractor appointed to ensure that they were on board with the Department of Social Development’s vision for the Centre.

The MECs were happy with the progress and commended the contractor as well as officials from the departments on the good work done thus far.

MEC Qabathe invites Mecs for Treasury & Public works and infrastructure to Tshireletsong child
Amelia Jones

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