Metal Arts Company Inc. (OTCMKTS: MTRT) Announced Change of Control To South Korean Incorporated Firm Medium Inc

Metal Arts Company Inc. (OTCMKTS: MTRT) has announced that on August 25, 2021, following a private sale of 7.665 million common shares of its stock, control of the company changed to Medium Inc. Medium is a firm incorporated under South Korean laws.

The Metal Arts Company appoints a new director
Following the change of control, the new board of directors of the company has been appointed, including Messrs. Pan Jong Kim, Yungho, and Kiwoon Biak. Additionally, Pan Jong Kim will now serve as The Metal Arts Company’s Chief Executive officer and chairman of the company. Also, Kiwoon Biak will serve as VP and Chief Financial officer of the company whole Yunho Chung will be a VP and company Secretary.

As defined under Rule 405 of the 1933 Securities Act and Rule 12b-2 of the 1934 Securities Exchange Act, The Metal Arts Company is still a shell company.

The Metals Art Company focuses on coating operations
The Metal Arts Company vial its Coating Technology Subsidiary engages in contact electroplated and electroless nickel, aluminum anodizing, and various enhancement and coating operations. Its specialty chemicals comprise Microsmooth, a patented aluminum activator solution issued in combination with electroless-nickel for aluminum plating. The company serves several industries through small, medium, and large fabricating firms that in turn supply individual components and subassemblies to producers. Additionally, the company offers proprietary surface finish to a variety of contract customers.

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