National Railways of Zimbabwe introduces new ‘Open Access Business Model’

Zimbabwe: The National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) has embraced a newly introduced ‘Open Access Business Model’ which is directed to harness more business through strategic partnerships as a part of efforts to grow revenue and facilitate enhanced capital investments to improve the business efficiencies.

Reportedly, the Public Affairs and Stakeholder Relations Manager – Andrew Kunambura said that as a part of the company’s transformative strategies, National Railways of Zimbabwe was ready to work closely with the key private sector players.


Manager Kunambura stated that securing strategic synergies was critical in boosting business capacity and promote smooth logistics that promotes enhanced trade relations too.

The Public Affairs and Stakeholder Relations Manager added further that in the short to medium term, NRZ has come up with an open access model that attracts private sector players in the provision of locomotives and wagons which are currently inadequate.

“We are envisioning ourselves improving in terms of business efficiencies and boosting the revenue as we are able to attract more business and then plough back the income that is generated towards improving the railway system and to improve on delivery times to meet all customer requirements and expectations,” said Manager Andrew Kunambura.

Public Affairs and Stakeholder Relations Manager – Andrew Kunambura
Public Affairs and Stakeholder Relations Manager – Andrew Kunambura

Kunambura confirmed that National Railways of Zimbabwe was geared to deliver efficient bulk transport services within the country and beyond.

Considerably, Zimbabwe positions itself as a favourable investment destination, coupled with the resurgent increase in domestic production mainly in mining, manufacturing and agriculture sectors, including others.

He also said that Zimbabwe’s central geographical location within the Southern region closely links with the vital north and south corridor and east and west corridors, which makes the company a key player in facilitating trade between local businesses and export markets.


According to Kunambura, “Partnership is the way to go and synergies are critical in improving efficiencies.”

For instance, NRZ and Mozambique are linked through Mutare-Machipanda border posts to Beira as well as Sango-Tshikwalakwala that goes to Maputo.

Completely owned by the Government entity, NRZ is geographically positioned as the hub and getaway to the region of Southern Africa Development Community (SADC).

Moreover, South Africa is linked through Beitbridge, Botswana is connected via Plumtree and Victoria Falls is connected to Zambia.

NRZ was one of the top local companies that exhibited their diverse products and services at the recent Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF) in Bulawayo.

Notably, the premier trade expo has also attracted huge foreign participation in response to improved ease of doing business facilitated by the Second Republic, which is officially led by the President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa.