New Blue Card to be launch in Football

The International Football Association Board is soon going to launch a new Blue Card in the sports game Football to curb sin bins.

The International Football Association Board is soon going to launch a new Blue Card in the sports game Football.

The game is about to welcome a new card set in the sport to handle the sin bins in football. The popular yellow and red cards are now to be joined by ‘Blue Card’ soon in the game.


According to the sources, the blue cards will represent Sin-bins, known as temporary dismissals, in which players leave the pitch temporarily to protect referees from any abuse.

Sin Bin Cards to welcome new Blue Card in game of Football
Sin Bin Cards to welcome new Blue Cards in the game of Football

The Blue Card will play the role of removing players from the field for 10 minutes if they make a cynical foul or show dissent.

If that same player is sent to the sin-bin for the second time during the same game, they will not be allowed back in but can be substituted out if their team is left with subs.

The newly introduced sin-bin offence is comparatively more lenient than the traditional way of picking up two yellow cards, because of which the team goes down to 10 players.

International Football Association Board
International Football Association Board

This development is a part to curb players behaviour and bolster the respect for the match officials during a given match and potentially serves as an in-between for yellow card and red card offences.

Earlier, it was reported that the Blue Cards have gone through trials in English Football since the 2019-20 season with 31 grassroots leagues.


Reportedly, the International Football Association Board (IFAB) is going to make an official announcement soon.

Blue Card Trial by IFAB
Blue Card trial by IFAB

Considering the same, England’s Football Association (FA) said that 77% of managers 72% of players and 84% of referees in the grassroots game have agreed to approve the sin-bin rule and will led to a decrease of 38% in dissent.

Several changes have been made to the modern football system, such as Goal Line Technology, which was introduced in 2014, Video Assistant Refereeing (VAR), and the change in the number of substitutes from three to five.