ZIFA continues to conduct FIFA Referee Courses

The FIFA Referee courses were mainly held by the ZIFA to minimise the errors in officiating the matches.

ZIFA continues to train players under FIFA Referees Course in Harare

ZIFA, the match officials will be diving into theory and practical and will ensure that they are primed for the fast-changing world of football.

FIFA referee courses : ZIFA refuses to conduct any session, people in confusion

The courses will be led by the renowned FIFA technical instructor Felix Tangawarima and the physical instructor Bento from Mozambique..

Noupoue Elvis from Cameroon selected as assistant referee for 2024 Paris Olympics

FIFA also stated that the FIFA technical coaches will involve referees and video assistant referee (VAR) instructors, the match analysts, as well as match physical trainers, physiotherapists and sports scientists.

Grobbelaar appears surprisingly at FIFA Football Schools Program

Grobbelaar is known for his phenomenal skills and success, both internationally and at the club level. The legend shared the insights and showed solidarity with the Zimbabwe Football Association’s (ZIFA) efforts in promoting the sports at a foundation level.