New Executive council elected in Angulama community

Nigeria: The Council of Chiefs of Angulama community has elected a new council of executives on Monday. The officials will be responsible for taking charge of the the community and bring development to the people.

The community previously struggled a period of unrest and insecurity due to disagreements and lack of cooperation within the previous administration.This is why, it was important to dissolve the previous administration and start fresh.

The election was a welcome event in the light of the ongoing disagreements and uncertainty. Chief (Engr.) Tonye Commander Dokubo was elected as the Chairman of Angulama Council of Chiefs. The election of the leadership pointed towards a fresh start for a community plagued with insecurity.

Onengiyeofori George, the Executive Chairman of Asari-Toru Local Government Area was also present at the election proceedings. The Executive Chairman has remained committed to maintaining peace in the country paved the way for this momentous occasion.

Executive Chairman George delivered a brief address at the event. He was speaking from the Executive Conference Hall at the Council’s Secretariat in Buguma city. In his address, the chairman repeated his administration’s dedication to bringing peace to the community

He also pledges to retain peace and prosperity in all the communities in the Local Government Area.

The newly elected executives are listed. The people of the community hope that they will bring positive changes to the community:

  • Chief (Engr.) Tonye Commander Dokubo, Chairman
  • Chief Tamunoemi Igobo Okunyeolu, Secretary
  • Chief Inye Obene Clark Oluji, Treasurer
  • Chief Korinama Sunday, Financial Secretary
  • Chief Fonyama N Dokubo, Provost
  • Chief Daiyi Iyibo Ginah, Spokesman

Chief (Engr.) Tonye Commander Dokubo delivered a acceptance speech after his election as the chairman of Angulama. He expressed his gratitude to the people for choosing him to lead them. He promised to prioritize peace and resolve longstanding disputes within three months.

The elections of the new executive council have been successfully conducted. The people are looking forward to the work that the new leadership will do for the benefit of the people.