Nigeria: Nnamdi Kanu needs Freedom against all court orders

Nigeria: Nigerian politicians will fly abroad for every slightest sickness, such as malaria, headache and others. They will fly to Europe or America for treatment because, according to them, the Nigerian medical system, including the Nigerian professional doctors and nurses, are not qualified to treat them.

But, Nnamdi Kanu, a federal government detainee against all court orders, has been sick for a long time now, even before he was extraordinarily renditioned and detained in Nigeria over one year ago, yet, the same federal government that flys to London to treat common malaria and headaches could not allow him access to his choice medical doctors within Nigeria.

Nnamdi Kanu has gastrointestinal disorderliness. He also has heart problems which sometimes, his heart either enlarges or decreases. These are sicknesses Nnamdi Kanu has been battling over the years, and he has been going for regular checkups and taking his drugs as instructed by his doctors when he was a free man.

With the level of mismanagement of resources and economic meltdown in Nigeria in recent years, I think even you can guess correctly how often and how really the Nigerian government is handling Nnamdi Kanu’s health issues in detention. A situation whereby malaria drugs will be given to someone complaining of a stomachache, and he will be told to just drink them and that it will calm the situation down. How?

Nnamdi Kanu’s health in detention has deteriorated, and it is getting worst every day. Nigeria’s government must have to release him for proper treatment to save his life.

His heart problem has escalated, and right now, he needs heart surgery to survive. If Nigerian politicians will fly abroad to treat common malaria and headaches, why won’t they release Nnamdi Kanu or at least allow him access to his choice of doctors within the country for treatment of a more severe health condition?

The silence of the world leaders is nothing but forcing the millions of Nnamdi Kanu’s followers out of patience.

Nnamdi Kanu was illegally brought to Nigeria, and three different courts, including one in the United States of America and two in Nigeria, have ordered that he be released. The trial Federal High Court Abuja has handed off the case making it a total of four courts ordering his release, yet, the Nigerian government still holds him incommunicado under solitary confinement.

Nnamdi Kanu needs Freedom to attend to his worsening health conditions if the Nigerian government really wants to continue his trial even though he has been discharged and acquitted by a competent court of jurisdiction on the 13th of October 2022.

Prisoners worldwide are entitled to receive the best treatments they need in other to preserve their lives to face their trials.

Nigeria shouldn’t be an exception, and Nnamdi Kanu should not be seen as a different prisoner. Give him access to his choice of medical doctors and, above all, free him and let him go. He is not guilty of any crime anywhere in the world.

Amelia Jones

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