Oregon is leading the Nation in Cornovirus infection!

Recently, the USA reported Oregon as the most leading nation in Covid-19 infection. Notably, there are many states which are proclaimed to be the hotspots of coronavirus cases. However, on the other hand, Oregon the state that was labeled to report the cases low in comparison to other states is now leading the country. Dr. Peter Graven with OHSU said, “Unfortunately, in recent weeks Oregon is being recognized for a different reason, having the nation’s fastest rate of COVID-19 cases.” The Case count in Oregon is reported to be 990 with the fresh covid-19 positive cases and also the latest 4 new deaths, as more restrictions go into effect.

As per the past records, Texas was termed to be the hardest-hit state. But, as of now, it is also seen as the declining one in coronavirus infection. Over the last week, is it is to talk about the current cases, Oregon is averaging 123 cases per 100,000 people. However, Texas is much lower, at approximately 70 people per 100,000 people. Dr. Graven states, “Compared to other states, the efforts made by Oregonians has been very effective in eliminating COVID-19 in Oregon.” Further, he states that the major reason for those numbers is Oregonians got ahead of cases early. Thus, this means that fewer people were initially infected. The Oregon state proclaims deaths per 100,000 people are approximately 59. On the other hand, Texas is much higher, averaging about 174 deaths per 100,000 people.


However, Dr. Graven elaborated that there is a lot to be learned from crunching the numbers, including when they could finally be out of this. He also, stated, “When we pair this data together, it shows that we just have three or four more weeks until we are in good shape. That’s when cases will fall, and our vaccine rates will be high enough that the virus cannot effectively grow.”


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