Oulanyah’s illness was terminal: Museveni

President Museveni was reported via a phone call by a team travelling to Seattle in the USA, where parliament speaker ‘Jacob Oulanyah‘ was admitted and due for the last office.

They made a phone call at 10:30 am on Sunday, March 20, 2022, and it was basically a confirmation that there was no more to do. They also made one made another call a day before, in which President reported it was all done.

After the phone call, President Museveni was in doubt and then asked the caretakers what was next and stated that the family would now require to be informed.

He then took it upon himself to break the news to the family on Saturday, asking them to expect the worst from Seattle. It was all done.

Deputy Speaker Anita Among, Minister of Health Jane Ruth Aceng, DP President General Norbert Mao, and Chief Justice Owiny-Dollo travelled five days back to visit Oulanyah, who was in his final exit stages.

The primary role of the team was only to access the options that were available as ordered by President Museveni, manage his wishes, and in the end, come up with a plan that would handle the situation.

It was expected from Among that they might be made some announcement, but there was ab agreement that she travels to Kampala and address the President on Sunday evening.

However, there would never be such time as the news was getting out of hand with the most significant percentage of government officials and top parliament commissioners briefed Saturday night.

The parliament speaker said, “It was not about when the information would come; we were only not aware whether the President would make the final announcement or Madam Among.”

The debate also happened in the Parliament. It was basically related to “whether to pull the machines off or not, but they were overruled by President Museveni, who insisted that they wait.”

President Museveni had for long expressed that there would be a miracle despite being told months ago that Oulanyah’s illness was terminal.

In the initial months of February, Oulanyah had spent three days without eating anything. He did not even answer his phone calls during the time, which promoted the Deputy Speaker to order the security detail and the protocol teams Oulanyah.